Best Practices for Working with MASC Medical

by Patricia O. Urquiaga | Jun 15, 2020 | HealthcareStaffing, Bestpractices, Healthcarebestpractices, healthcareorganizations, healthcarerecruiting, medicalorganizations, Physicianrecruiter, physicianrecruiting, Physicianrecruitingagency, physicianrecruitment
Best Practices for Working with MASC Medical

Filling vacant positions within your medical organization is not easy.

As a medical organization, you understand that physicians have many options when finding a place to work. Yes, you try to implement as many tactics to prove your facility is the best place for them. However, healthcare staffing and recruiting has proven to be a major problem for medical organizations. So, you enlist the help of a physician recruiting agency like ours.

Whether it’s your first time working with us or you’ve been working with us for a while, in order to ensure the success of our clients and professionals they’re looking to hire, here are some best practices for working with MASC Medical:

  1. The Candidate “Persona”: Personas” are typically established as a fictional representation of your target customer (in this case “ideal candidate”). When it comes to hiring, having an ideal “persona” allows healthcare organizations to really understand the type of candidate they want and need. “Personas” are developed after analyzing research and data pertaining to your existing candidates – they take into consideration qualities such as habits, desires, skills and other personality traits. So, dig deep into your data and develop your candidate “persona”. This way, you can hire smartly instead of just hiring according to a candidate resume, education and references.
  2. Communication: When working with a physician recruiter, thorough, fast and ongoing communication (from the client to the recruiter, AND the client to the candidate) is key. This will greatly increase the chances of acquiring the talent you want quickly in a competitive market.
  3. Hard Skills vs. Soft Skills: There has always been a battle as to which skills are most important – hard or soft skills. However, every employer is different – some might value and prioritize hard skills while others might not. Therefore, when working with MASC Medical, make sure your healthcare organization develops a “must-have” and “nice-to-have” lists of skills and experience for each position/role you’re looking to fill. This will let us (your physician recruiter) know what skills and requirements are an absolute must and what is negotiable.
  4. Market Conditions: It’s important for employers to have an open mind when it comes to market conditions. Every market is different. So, as an employer, try to understand that you might or might not find your ideal “persona”. Same goes for the cost to acquire talent – some markets might cost higher than others. This is why, its key to develop and understand your “must-haves” and “nice-to-haves” when it comes to skills and experience for each role.
  5. Efficient Process & Feedback: When recruiting, time is of the essence. Make sure to have a clear and concise interview process. Employers with the most efficient processes are most successful in attaining the talent they want. Remember, good candidates are highly sought after for new positions/roles and can quickly no longer be on the market. No matter how great and established your brand is, if you want to hire the best, its vital you make a good first impression. This means, do not make candidates wait weeks for feedback. As an employer, you should always strive to create an amazing candidate experience.

Learn more on our best practices for working with MASC Medical by viewing our our process page.


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