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Why Partner with MASC Medical

Did you know that 51.6% of Healthcare organizations say the ability to find good people within a reasonable amount of time is “not very good”?

Finding the perfect candidate for a healthcare organization can be time-consuming, overwhelming, and a job on its own. Challenges faced by healthcare organizations have a direct impact on productivity, profitability, and patient care, and include:

Not having the ability to find enough “qualified candidates”

Turnaround is not fast enough – costing healthcare organizations around $45K to $232K per month (depending on specialty) in lost revenue due to vacant positions.

Internal recruiters don’t have the vast professional networks 3rd party recruiting firm own.

At MASC Medical Recruitment Firm, we provide physician, physician assistant, nurse practitioner and dentist with nationwide staffing and recruiting services. Our proven strategies and attention to detail are what makes us one of the leading physician, physician assistant, nurse practitioner, and dentist recruiters in the country. Our ties with other leading, physician assistant, nurse practitioner, dentist and physician recruiter firms in the nation assures us that we will be able to deliver an effective solution in a concise manner to build our client’s business and create long lasting relationships.

MASC Medical has a proven model of recruitment backed up by a comprehensive physician recruiter team all of whom are dedicated to maintaining the highest standards, which enable MASC Medical to stand out amongst other recruitment firms. By working closely with other medical recruitment firms, not only can we ensure the highest quality candidates for specific positions, we are also able to ensure that potential recruits are well cared for with the very best guidance for their future career development.

MASC Medical works closely with managed care companies, hospitals, medical groups and other employers all of whom have differing needs and requirements when searching for staff. Our recruitment methods have evolved and adapted over time to ensure the right person is recruited for the right job at the right time helping bridge the staffing gap. We offer full service search criteria in locating, recruiting and of course placing medical practitioner talent in jobs across the entire United States. Dedicated solely to health care profession recruitment, our methodology has developed to deliver the best, most suitable clinician and medical candidates across the entire spectrum of delivery systems within the health care industry.

6 Reasons to Partner with MASC Medical

Knowledge in the healthcare industry

Extensive network

Experts in healthcare staffing and recruiting

Help streamline recruiting process

Identify qualified candidates that fit your culture and organization

Assist in staffing temporarily or permanently within 30 days vs. 100 from the competition

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They’re the best vendors I’ve ever worked with.
-Michael P.

They care about each relationship they engage with throughout the process. Each professional I spoke to had something good to say about my account executive.
-Susan R.
Director of Human Resource

To say I’ve been impressed with MASC would be an understatement. Marc has been there when we needed him – not once, not twice, but THREE times he has found a doctor for us in LESS THAN 24 hours. How he’s done it – I have no idea, but on 3 occasions (in different states) we were in a jam with no doctor and almost no notice. Each time, I’ve contacted him, I explained we were in need and he’s delivered solid replacement Physicians to cover the work. Now, I do not recommend that short of notice, but he has produced when many other firms could not. Marc is easy to work with, super quick to respond, efficient, and fair. 5 Stars all around.
-Michael S.
Managing Partner

Working with MASC Medical was truly a pleasure. Marc Adam is a true professional to work with. As different markets require different personalities, Marc is able to always choose the right fit. He is very attentive and works with you to ensure both the facility, and joining Medical professional communicate and understand each other for a perfect fit.
-Michael R.
Hiring Director

As part of my company’s core business we hire physicians to train other physicians in non-clinical settings. Recruiting physicians to do this type of non-clinical work, to say the least is difficult. I was introduced to MASC Medical about 2 years ago and since then they are the only physician firm I work with when it comes to physician recruitment for my company. Marc Adam is a pleasure to work with and he never gives up trying to find the right candidate for our roles. I am pleased to say that we have hired 2 physicians that were recruited by MASC and both have performed extremely well. Anytime I have to recruit for physicians for these roles, I will always use MASC as my preference for recruitment support.
-Marty B.
Director Human Resources