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Our Mission to Healthcare Organizations

MASC Medical’s mission is to serve and enable healthcare organizations in providing quality patient care by leveraging technology and media to successfully attract passive candidates to fill key roles within their organization.

As a long-term partner and advisor, we guide our clients throughout all stages of the recruitment process.

About MASC Medical

Specialties Overview

At MASC Medical Recruitment Firm, we offer customized medical staffing solutions for healthcare organizations that seek top medical talent. We have extensive healthcare industry knowledge and physician recruiter expertise that helps us stay connected within a relationship-based healthcare network.

Whether your medical organization is looking for a physician, mid-level provider, dentist, or allied health — or executive-level — healthcare professional, MASC Medical will provide reliable service that leads to successful job placements in 30 days.

Physician Staffing


We are a leading physician recruiter that matches talented physicians — from family physicians and gynecologists to surgeons — with leading healthcare organizations. With a focus on building client trust, our hands-on recruitment process continues to evolve with our clients’ needs to ensure successful job placements for physicians every time.

Mid-Level Staffing

Mid-Level Provider

If you are looking to hire mid-level providers to assist in diagnosing and treating medical conditions, we offer customized mid-level provider staffing solutions. Our time-tested strategies successfully place ARNPs and physician assistants in top healthcare organizations across the country.ARNPAs a mid-level provider recruiter, we serve healthcare organizations that seek a licensed advanced registered nurse practitioner (ARNP) to provide critical patient care services. Our personalized, hands-on approach enables job placement within 30 days or less.Physician AssistantsWe have access to an industry-leading database of qualified physician assistants that helps us find the right talent for your organization. With a focus on both professional credentials and the culture of your practice, we will find the right physician assistant for you.

Dental Staffing


When you’re looking to hire qualified dentists that specialize in areas such as dental public health, endodontics, oral and maxillofacial pathology, and pediatric dentistry, partner with MASC Medical. We deliver dentist staffing solutions that ensure successful job placement and long-term business relationships.

Allied Health Staffing

Allied Health

We specialize in allied health provider staffing services that connect your healthcare organization with top medical candidates. Our personalized, streamlined process helps us build client trust as we source, screen, and pre-qualify physical therapists and occupational therapists for your healthcare organization.Physical TherapistPhysical therapists offer specialized medical expertise in helping injured patients improve mobility and effectively manage pain. Our extensive database of top medical recruits ensures that we can match you with the right physical therapist given your professional requirements — and the culture of your practice.Occupational TherapistOur customized approach to allied health staffing helps us find the most suitable occupational therapist for your healthcare organization. From the first client interview to the official offer, we provide qualified guidance in finding the right allied health professional.

Healthcare Executive Staffing


As a leading executive healthcare professional recruiter, we are a reliable partner in connecting with top medical talent in executive positions. From Chief Information Officers to Chief Executive Officers, hospital administrator positions like these are being filled by MASC Medical every day with a customized, hands-on approach.Medical/Healthcare ITHealthcare IT professionals manage IT infrastructure and your healthcare organization’s technology architecture. Our executive healthcare professional staffing solutions lead to successful job placements for Chief Information Officers and similar executive roles at some of the best hospitals in the country.
Medical/Healthcare ExecutivesWe help healthcare organizations connect with healthcare executives that specialize in areas such as finance, marketing, public relations, and human resources. As a top executive healthcare professional recruiter, we will find the right candidates for different types of hospital administrator positions.

Healthcare Executive Staffing

Custom Staffing Request

Our extensive experience as a leading physician recruiter allows us to accommodate custom staffing requests from healthcare organizations like yours. We understand that tailoring our healthcare staffing solutions for clients with different cultures, needs, and challenges is paramount to every successful job placement. Contact us to share your custom staffing request.

Top Physician Recruiter and Healthcare Staffing Firm

Staffing Challenges Towards Healthcare Providers

In today’s medical recruitment market, there are increasing challenges in identifying, attracting, placing, and retaining top medical talent. With large employment gaps across the healthcare industry, ongoing changes and advancements — healthcare staffing has never been more daunting on both sides of the market.

As a top physician recruiter and healthcare staffing firm, we believe in a personalized recruitment methodology that delivers reliable results. We not only provide qualified assistance to healthcare organizations, but we take a hands-on, customized approach to guiding top medical practitioners through the recruitment process as well.

So, what are the biggest staffing challenges facing healthcare providers today? Read the list below and contact us to learn how we can help.

  • Challenges between education and experience
  • Limited access to technology
  • General hiring issues
  • Long hiring timelines
  • Inefficient, costly onboarding processes
  • Poor organizational structures
  • Ineffective marketing and recruiting strategies
  • Poor communication
  • Lack of advancement opportunities
  • Not enough diversity and inclusion
  • Lack of mentoring and training
  • Work overload
Partnering with MASC Medical

6 Reasons to Partner with MASC Medical

MASC Medical is a trusted physician recruiter that delivers extraordinary healthcare staffing solutions. We specialize in establishing successful business relationships that thrive for the long term. Our hands-on, personalized approach is based on proven strategies that build client trust in a timely manner.

From our impressive healthcare industry knowledge to our 30-day staffing placements that beat the competition, there are many reasons to partner with MASC Medical for your medical recruitment needs.

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