Does your physician recruitment firm offer services nationwide?

Yes, we serve the entire U.S

Do you provide temporary or permanent staffing placements?

We provide both temporary and permanent job placement services that cater to the needs of our healthcare providers and organizations.

Are your physician recruiters knowledgeable in all areas of medical practice?

Yes. MASC Medical’s physician recruiting team is composed of highly skilled professionals with specialized expertise and extensive experience in healthcare staffing. Our goal is to maintain the highest level of standards throughout our streamlined process which enables us to stand out amongst other leading recruiting firms.

How long does it take for your company to fill open positions?

It takes approximately 30 days for us to successfully fill common open positions. However, this may change depending on the role and requirements from our clients. Learn more about how we Staff within 30 Days vs. 100 that it takes our competition.

Do you meet with clients in-person to understand their needs?

Yes, we do meet with clients on-site if necessary. We also effectively connect with clients virtually to conduct our extensive client interviews and understand their unique search needs.

If there is an increase in demand for physicians, can your agency handle these types of changes in the market?

Yes. Our healthcare recruitment firm leverages the most innovative technologies to source medical professionals. We also employ a streamlined process based on time-tested, proven strategies that enable continued growth in any market.

Describe the criteria you use to match healthcare providers to a medical job opening. 

As a top physician recruiter, we source, screen, and pre-qualify potential candidates based on criteria that is unique to the needs of our clients. We take pride in our medical recruitment process that continues to evolve as our clients’ needs change.

To learn more about our risk-free path, visit our How It Works page.

Do you conduct routine follow-ups with the healthcare organizations once a healthcare provider starts an assignment?

Yes. Our dedicated healthcare recruiters maintain ongoing business relationships with both clients and candidates. This ensures that the match is successfully executed and produces mutually beneficial results.

In case of emergency, can our healthcare organization contact you after hours?

Yes. Most of our medical recruiters are available via email, phone, or SMS to assist clients and candidates with urgent needs during after-hours.

What happens if a healthcare provider doesn’t complete their assignment?

While situations may vary based on the assignment and the contract terms, in most cases, the organization would be considered free of financial responsibility if a healthcare provider does not complete the assignment.

If a healthcare organization isn’t satisfied with the performance of a healthcare provider, what steps does your agency take?

When you work with MASC Medical, you can rest assured because we offer a guarantee for each medical professional whom we place within an organization.

Can you provide references?

Yes. References are provided upon request.

Name three benefits of working with MASC Medical?

The following are three of the many reasons to partner with MASC Medical:

We have extensive healthcare industry knowledge.
We are well-connected within a relationship-based physician network.
We employ a streamlined, efficient process that is based on time-tested, proven strategies.

For a complete list of benefits and to learn about the experiences of some of our satisfied clients, download our 6 Reasons to Partner with MASC Medical one pager.

How do you differentiate yourselves from other healthcare recruiting agencies?

MASC Medical leverages innovative digital marketing strategies to expand its reach to the widest net of professionals. Our personalized approach is grounded in our mission to establish long-term business relationships that enable success for both healthcare providers and healthcare organizations.

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