Four Great Benefits of Signing on with a Locums Tenens Company

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Four Great Benefits of Signing on with a Locums Tenens Company

From Nurse Practitioners to Hospitalists, the medical field is shifting focus from permanent hires to locums tenens to fill a growing gap in supply and demand. Shortages are forecasted to increase as the population ages and new legislation makes medical care accessible to more people. At first glance, statistics may seem worrisome – but locums tenens companies are rising to the challenge by facilitating an adaptive strategy. This new hiring model is good news for medical practitioners – here’s why:

Flexibility and Predictability

Locums tenens companies are a great choice if you want to retain some flexibility in your life. Perhaps you want to start checking items off your bucket list but don’t want to wait for retirement. Or maybe you’re just not interested in tethering yourself to one location. Whatever your reasons, a locums tenens company can serve as the ticket to more than one destination.

This sort of flexibility would usually result in loss of income but good planning with your locums tenens company can actually guarantee sufficient and predictable hours and income. No need to put your life on hold while on call or work long shifts to keep your place. If you do find yourself going above and beyond, however, you’re even guaranteed overtime pay.

No Hassle Practice

Traditional medical work includes traditional hassles. A private practice, for instance, requires significant start-up costs and consistent overhead. Marketing and networking are time consuming and expensive necessities and paperwork takes up many of one’s working hours or requires the retention of administrative help. Contrast that with locums tenens placements where all of those concerns are in the hands of someone else. These placements pay well from day one, spare you from office politics and still allow you to maintain personal agency.


Work/Life Balance

Medical practitioners have been clocked as the most likely candidates for burnout – many studies indicate that the rates of work-related exhaustion are up to 50% higher than in any other profession. The only way to avoid these consequences is to maintain an appropriate work/life balance. –And that’s different for everyone. Your locums tenens company will work with you to keep your hours and environment exactly where you need them to be for optimal mental health.

Testing the Work Waters

If you just finished school or are looking to make some changes in focus, working with a locums tenens company might be the best way to go. A variety of potential placements offers a chance to assess your desired specialty, work environment and even the area in which you decide to put down roots. For those just starting out in the medical field or those who seek to shift roles, locums tenens companies provide countless opportunities to network and take control of the future.

Whether you want to make temporary placements your career path or simply need some extra income, a locums tenens company is the way to go. Answer the call of your wanderlust, build the life you want and earn what you need to do it all. MASC Medical is ready to help both employers and practitioners find the right fit at the right time in the right place. Call today to consult with a medical locums tenens expert.



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