Reduce Patient No-Shows with Medical Scheduling Software

by Brigette Flores | Jun 28, 2017 | freepatientsurvey, #schedulingsoftware, #top3schedulingsoftwaretoreducepatientnoshows
Reduce Patient No-Shows with Medical Scheduling Software

Patient no-shows is a major problem that costs the medical industry millions of dollars every year in the U.S. alone. Not only does it cost health practitioners a lot of their valuable time and money; it also renders other patients deprived of getting the necessary medical care at the right time.

You might be great at what you do, but a patient is only human. He may forget that he was supposed to show up for the health check-up or for whatever medical service he made the appointment. The good news is it’s possible to avoid patient no-shows or at least bring down the rate of it. An excellent way to do that is to make medical scheduling software a part of your healthcare administration.

With the options to input patient data, book/track/change appointments, and place automated reminder calls; these medical scheduling software are the perfect way for health practitioners to make sure patients show up every single time.

1. Practice Fusion

Top 3 scheduling software to reduce patient no shows

Practice Fusion is a cloud-based online scheduling system designed specifically for the healthcare industry. Below are some of the features of this software –

  • The administrative staff can automate patient data flow using customizable scheduling.
  • Sends automated alerts to the patients before appointment day.
  • Reminders to make sure no one misses out on the appointment.
  • Saves time by cutting on phone-call interactions with the option to book appointments online. Patients can even initiate cancellation requests electronically.
  • Option to reallocate a free slot to another patient to increase revenue.

2. DocMein

Top 3 scheduling software to reduce patient no shows

DocMein is yet web-based software that requires no separate installation. This software is designed keeping in mind the scheduling, management, and administrative needs of the healthcare industry; particularly aimed at reducing patient no-shows. Below are a few features of this medical scheduling software –

  • Color-coded fields in the calendar allow you to better manage/reschedule an appointment or change its duration for complete time-utilization.
  • Schedule appointments that reoccur weekly, daily, or monthly.
  • Automatic delivery of text voice, and email reminders before every appointment.
  • Option to confirm, cancel or request an appointment 24*7 for patients. Manage everything about patient-scheduling to help pick a time slot that patients are most comfortable with.
  • DocMein can be easily integrated with your existing EMR system.

3. NeuMD

NeuMD medical schedule appointment allows schedule management of multiple physician offices. You can use it for tracking patient arrival and departure. It even allows updates regarding appointment cancellation. Additionally –

  • The software has an extremely interactive and intuitive interface.
  • Makes automatic reminder calls to make sure patient doesn’t forget about the appointment.
  • Allows tracking schedule changes on mobile device on-the-go.
  • Color coding for quick differentiation and better tracking of appointment status.

At MASC Medical, we understand that something as simple yet effective as a scheduling software could bolster your business bottom-line all while making sure everyone can get access to health services. 

Have you tried any of these recommended tools yet? Which schedule software do you use? Let us know!

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