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As a top physician recruiter, our medical staffing solutions have evolved with the needs of our clients. We take pride in this adaptable, yet proactive approach to our medical recruitment process that helps us build client trust for the long term.

In learning from the effectiveness of our time-tested strategies, we have been able to consistently improve how we connect qualified medical candidates with some of the best hospitals, medical centers, and other healthcare organizations across the country.

From leveraging a strong, incentivized referral program and administering extensive client interviews, to tapping our industry-leading database access and conducting comprehensive medical candidate screenings, the path to establishing successful business relationships is streamlined and efficient when you partner with MASC Medical.

Our Process

Addressing the Growing Physician and Nurse Shortage

With the nation facing a shortage of between 41,000 and 105,000 physicians by 2030, it is more than likely that your healthcare organization is already feeling its effects.

This situation is similar for registered nurses (RN). According to the National Center for Healthcare Workforce Analysis, by 2030, the number of U.S. registered nurses needed is expected to rise from 2.8M to 3.6M (a 28.4% increase). While some states will keep up with the demand, other states will face huge RN shortages.

What does this mean for recruiting? As we know, recruiting can take anywhere from months to over a year. If turnaround times to fill vacant positions aren’t fast enough, it can cost organizations around $45K-$232K per month in lost revenue. Yes, recruiting is complex and challenging, but there are ways to survive the physician and nurse shortage.

At MASC Medical, our thorough – yet highly efficient – process allows us to deliver extraordinary, hands-on medical staffing solutions to both healthcare providers and healthcare organizations. Contact us to see how you might benefit from working with us.

Best Practices for Working with MASC Medical

Whether it’s your first time working with MASC Medical or you’ve been working with us for a while, in order to ensure the success of our clients and professionals they’re looking to hire, we have listed the top 5 items you should keep top of mind when working with us.

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