Affordable Staffing: 3 Ways Recruiters Save You Money

by Brigette Flores | Aug 11, 2019 | affordable staffing, Healthcare, Medical Recruiters, Saving money with recruiters
Affordable Staffing: 3 Ways Recruiters Save You Money

At first glance, you may assume that recruiting firms are costly, perhaps a resource affordable only to major healthcare corporations. Perks like increased efficiency and a deep talent pool must come at a price, right? Not so. In fact, affordable staffing comes at a reasonable price. Here are three ways recruiters save you money:

1. No overhead overages

If you’re looking for the best medical staff candidates, you’ll be planning to spend some advertising dollars. Even sites like Monster and Indeed charge for optimization of postings, a must if you want a larger talent pool to choose from. But the overhead you’d spend doesn’t stop there. Human resource specialists are not a cheap addition to your team and existing staff may lack important experience and expertise that recruitment firms have in spades. And, despite the recent ease of background checks and testing, costs add up. Recruiters have these costs rolled into their own budgets and don’t pass them on to you.

2. Time is money

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According to the National Association of Colleges and Employers, the hiring process averages – from interview to hire –about 23 days. Now add to that the time spent attracting the right candidate for the initial interview, and you may be expending resources for up to 3 months just to fill one position. That may seem a small matter if you have a dedicated human resources department, but while you’re filling that position, you may be paying your current staff for overtime as they struggle to cover the vacancy. Recruiters are always adding to their store of candidates and can find the right employee quickly, driving down all associated costs of an understaffed medical practice or hospital.

3. Staying power

The extensive talent pools available to recruiters mean the right employee is closer at hand. But that also bears out in your chances of hiring an appropriate physician or another healthcare worker. You know that simply filling the position doesn’t pan out if that hire doesn’t fit well with things like your facility’s culture. The time and overhead you spend are quickly wasted if your new hire is out the door too quickly. Recruiters save you money by going beyond mere investigating to understand the specific needs and characteristics of your medical practice. You’re much more likely to end up with an employee you’ll retain, saving you the costs of replacing staff.

There are lots of benefits to using recruiting agencies that go beyond the financial benefits. Simply put, you’ll have a higher quality of staff that fits in well with your organization and expectations. Still, the impression that recruiters are only for the big players is one you can put aside. At MASC Medical, our goal is to provide our clients with the best possible solutions and that includes not only delivering top-notch services but enabling you to save money in the hiring process.

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