Addressing Employee’s Performance Issues

by Patricia O. Urquiaga | Jun 10, 2019 | employees, employers, performanceissues, transitionprogram
Addressing Employee’s Performance Issues

For some time, it has been stated that employees tend to leave managers vs. companies when they decide to quit/move-on. So when is it the right time to address employee’s performance issues?

Knowing today’s younger generation believes its ok or normal to job/career-hop, even if they have a good manager – do you approach them?

According to research:

  • 64% of workers (especially millennial workers) believe job-hopping to be an acceptable, even a beneficial practice
  • Millennials resign nearly two times as often as non-millennials with a comparable tenure (34.5% compared to 19.4%)

With these statements and statistics in mind, when should an employer take action on an employee’s performance issues? From the beginning, employers should be able to identify and address employee issues early on. The reason for this is that employers can then work toward a mutually beneficial outcome to ensure their employees stay engaged during their transition. Let’s take a look at the animation below, which demonstrates two paths an employee can take depending on the action an employer takes early on:

when to address employee's performance issues

As you can see, it’s extremely important for employers to be able to identify and understand employee’s performance issues early on. Employers should also have or consider developing a “Transition Program”. A transition program allows employers to have an “open dialogue” with employees, which improves engagement, retention, and the overall company culture. In addition, transition programs can also help employers avoid expensive problems such as last-minute hiring due to the industry having a low supply of talent etc. One thing employers should keep top of mind is that “transition discussions” don’t necessarily mean “employee departure”, but it can also mean an “employee transition to a new role”.

Is a “transition program” right for your organization?

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