3 Trends Impacting Physician Recruiting in 2020

by Patricia O. Urquiaga | Apr 06, 2020 | healthcarerecruitingtrends, healthcaretrends, medicalrecruitingtrends, medicaltrends, Physicianrecruiter, physicianrecruiters, physicianrecruiting, physicianrecruitingtrends, physicianrecruitment, trends
3 Trends Impacting Physician Recruiting in 2020

Attending numerous in person and virtual events over the past year has helped us as a company reflect on the changes the healthcare industry is undergoing when it comes to physician recruiting.

There’s no denying the influence technology has had as a disruptor in most industries, with healthcare being the last frontier for major disruption. The reason for its delayed entrance has a myriad of factors: the aging physician population, the risk adverse nature of the business, and the ownership of health data with their perspective parties.

On the other hand, there’s been an emergence of SaaS platforms that have entered the market with expectations for immediate disruption, but they’ve failed to realize the proportion of the physician population that would prefer the relationship a human can provide along with the process. There’s a large population of physicians that are 55+, transferring from ownership to employee (so there are a lot of questions), need additional service to due to the lack of available time and are accustomed to the assistance of medical assistants, device reps, and office managers. They’re not comfortable or used to the lack of attention that’s provided from a SaaS platforms.

With that being said – here are 3 trends set to impact physician recruiting in 2020 and in the next decade.

1. Integrate Technology

Integrate technology to automate your business when necessary so can you optimize your time and efficiency. If your ATS isn’t providing triggers/sequences/cadences to help with improved communication outreach –they’re not doing enough, and you need to ask for more.

2. Use your Physician Candidate’s Time Efficiently

Physicians are some of the busiest professionals in the US. With cumbersome EMR systems, managing a practice, and proving high quality care for patients, physicians time allocation is spread thin. It’s important to craft the right message with the information that’s important to the physician, to get their attention. Take your time in content creation and make sure to test what gets more effective results.

3. High Human Touch

As technology continues to put fear in the human work force, recruiters who listen and provide high human touch will prevail. With an aging population and relationship building becoming a finer art in the business space – knowledge and expertise becomes more and more sought after. If you can provide additional value, which should be the norm as a recruiting agent – you will become more sought after. Technology has allowed reach to become more commoditized and making more complex skill sets easy, it’s important for the recruiter to double down and become more skilled in their craft.

Being able to identify and understand trends impacting the physician recruiting industry is an absolute must. This allows your healthcare organization to stay current, stay competitive, understand changing patient behavior, evolve whether it’s by identifying new opportunities, integrating new technology to improve processes or by simply optimizing your business strategy for the long run.

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