3 Patient Experience Technologies To Look For in 2020

by Patricia O. Urquiaga | Dec 16, 2019 | data, Healthcare, onlineexperience, patientexperience, technology
3 Patient Experience Technologies To Look For in 2020

Historically, the healthcare industry has been slow to adopt technology.

However, looking back at 2019 technology advancement was a huge trend.

With the digital health market expected to reach $206B in 2020, healthcare organizations were challenged with improving patient access and experience across the board. Many spoke about the Amazon model and how they’ve revolutionized the online and customer experience for retail with the help of technology and data. So, in order to boost performance, productivity and continue to redefine themselves, many healthcare organizations revisited their strategies to incorporate technology and data to improve and personalize care processes and services focused on the patient experience.

Here are 3 Patient Experience Technologies to Watch in 2020:

1. On-Demand Healthcare: Patients are seeking on-demand healthcare primarily because of their busy schedules. Therefore, healthcare organizations are investing in technology to meet the changing needs of their patients by giving them access to providers via telehealth services. With telehealth, physicians are able to diagnose and treat patients anywhere with automated tools. Healthcare providers are trained on these tools, giving them access to work from home (decreasing burnout), treat various patient populations, utilize videoconferencing for patient evaluations, medication management and online therapy.

2. Patient–Centric Portals: With patients becoming more tech-savvy, they are now seeking physicians and/or practices that can provide a great online experience. Therefore, patient portals are now being redesigned to be more “patient-focused”. The goal is to engage with patients and provide them a “frictionless” experience. This involves having technology/IT vendors develop patient portals that are user-friendly (for both patients and physicians), desktop and mobile accessible, have an online chat option, include health records/data from multiple EHRs and consumer devices – all while being HIPPA compliant and having the capability to view/share anytime, and patients having the ability to choose their language preference, view medical history, schedule appointments, and choose how they want to receive care (in-person or virtually).

3. Big Data: Being able to understand the data you gather can give you key insights into your business such as areas of improvement, market insights, your customer (who they are, their wants/needs, where to reach them) and more. Healthcare organizations are now seeing the importance of big data and are investing in analytics experts to gather, organize and analyze their data to identify trends and patterns to make strategic decisions. Other benefits of big data include:

  • Analyzing patient records to lower rate of medication errors
  • Facilitating preventative care by identifying people who constantly step into an ER or practice and developing preventative plans to keep them from returning
  • Analyzing healthcare organizations data to predict/estimate future admission rates and staff needed to treat patients (to save money and reduce wait times)

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