What Makes A Good Physician Recruiter?

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What Makes A Good Physician Recruiter?

As a healthcare organization you just hired a physician recruiter to help overcome all healthcare staffing and recruiting challenges.

As a healthcare provider you just hired a physician recruiter to help you in your journey to finding the “right” physician job and/or practice opportunity.

But, how do you know the physician recruiter you just hired has your best interest and will help accomplish your goals?

Here are 5-must have traits of a good physician recruiter:

1. Knowledge

There are necessary skills needed to become a physician recruiter. Instead of just focusing on these skill sets, see whether your physician recruiter:

  • Is well-informed about the current market conditions
  • Stays on top of healthcare news and trends (consolidation/new entrants, telehealth, physician shortage, compensation etc.)
  • Is well-versed in various specialties
  • Has knowledge in resume/CV building
  • Can provide powerful interviewing tips
  • Has experience in filling out licensing/credentialing paperwork

2. Dependable

Good physician recruiters make themselves available throughout specific times during the day. It’s crucial to work with a physician recruiter who is dependable and can solve any unexpected issues in case of emergency. Work with a physician recruiter who has your best interest, is honest, trustworthy and holds him/herself accountable.

3. Efficient Communication Skills/Process

Physician recruiters spend most of their time on the phone. With this is mind, it’s important to work with a physician recruiter that:

  • Listens
  • Takes the time to understand your current state, wants and needs
  • Makes themselves available (via email, phone or SMS) to answer questions
  • Actively looks and communicates opportunities that might be of interest you
  • Is respectful and communicates with you during the day/times and method listed

Additionally, we must remember physician recruiters receive dozens of applications daily for open positions. These applications have to be reviewed and routed to the proper candidate or hiring manager. To expedite the recruiting process, physician recruiters must have a well-defined and efficient communications process in place with candidates and hiring managers.

4. Connections

Physician recruiters are known for their “connections” including list of extensive networks in the industry. They constantly work to identify healthcare organizations (with or without job openings) to establish and cultivate a relationship that can later be leveraged. If you’re a candidate, you are most likely “exposed” by your physician recruiter when it comes to job opportunities. Whichever the situation, a good physician recruiter has an extensive healthcare professional network they can tap into.

5. Follows Up

After an interview, a good physician recruiter follows-up with both the candidate and hiring manager to see how it went, address any concerns and coordinate any additional interviews required (i.e. site visits). Once the interview process is complete and the candidate is placed, the physician recruiter should continue to follow-up with both the candidate and hiring manager to be sure both are still satisfied with the placement. Follow-ups should be done monthly (during the first 6 months) and then at the one-year anniversary mark.

After all, a good physician recruiter has a proven track record of success. So, you shouldn’t be afraid to ask them to share some results. Right? View our free online resource to learn more about physician recruiters.


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