Top 4 Things That Please Patients in Waiting Rooms

by Brigette Flores | Jul 13, 2017 | hopitalsrooms, #Hospitalwaitingroom, #pleasepatients, #TopWaitingRoomsIdea
Top 4 Things That Please Patients in Waiting Rooms

Let’s face it. Waiting is the most dreaded job ever. We’d rather be deep neck in workload than waiting. The wait time is unbearable even under normal circumstances, but it becomes all the more painful when you’re in a hospital. So, it’s only fitting that doctors and hospitals take some initiative to make the wait easier for everyone. Here are some things that please patients in hospital waiting rooms.

1. The right seating

Seating arrangement is about more than just lining-up the chairs. You’re going to have to put a lot of thought into this. Go with chairs that support the back and hands. Think of elderly as well who might have a hard time getting up. For them, seats with arm rests are the best option. Explore ergonomically designed chairs that support the whole body so people don’t feel tired by long sitting time. In fact, some hospitals have gone so far as to have massage chairs in the waiting room. Talk about going an extra mile!

2. Free Wi-Fi

Top 4 things that please patients in waiting rooms

Studies have shown that the act of waiting is not so troubling as the perception people have towards it. Besides, the time is worst spent when you’re not doing anything productive. So give your patients in waiting rooms an outlet to do something productive. Give them access to free Wi-Fi. A lot of people spend their time on smartphones researching about their sickness. They go through educational videos. Therefore, access to Wi-Fi is the best way to keep people from getting bored.

3. The right type of entertainment

It’s not uncommon for medical establishments to have TV in the waiting room. But, it turns out to be more distracting than entertaining. Besides, people usually have no clue about the soaps running on the television. A better alternative would be to put on soothing music; because that’s what people need the most while in a place like hospitals. Jazz, classical music, symphonies, and light rock music are best recommended in the waiting area to make the wait more enjoyable.

4. A waiting room liaison

Top 4 things that please patients in waiting rooms

A waiting room liaison is someone who takes care of people coming and leaving the waiting room. Their job is to greet the patients and those accompany them. They also provide answers to their questions and take-up initial briefing on patient’s medical condition. The act of greeting alone is sometimes more than enough to put patients at ease.

It will also show that the hospital has gone an extra mile to provide genuine care. And, studies have show time and again that people are more likely to form long-lasting relations with doctors who show genuine care more than quality treatment. So, hiring a waiting room liaison is an incredible way to show your patient that you care for them.

Are you a doctor? If yes, did you feel inspired yet to transform your waiting area into a more productive and happy place – something that puts people at ease? Let us know in the comments along with your own waiting room checklist.

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