Resolution: A Locum Tenens Career in 2023

by Allegra Hamilton | Jan 04, 2023 | HealthcareStaffing, locum healthcare, locums agency, locums tenens, physicianjobs
Resolution: A Locum Tenens Career in 2023

You’ve been meaning to pursue locum tenens jobs but just can’t seem to get motivated. Any life shift – whether temporary or long-term – can be overwhelming. Though counterintuitive, the results of a 2000 study published by the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology revealed that people with too many choices often suffer from demotivation. The best locums tenens company will have a large and varied database of locums tenens jobs so it’s a good idea to narrow down your preferences if you want to conquer the choice conundrum. We all know the new year is a great time for beginnings. Here are 3 steps towards making the right decision about your future as a locum tenens:


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You probably have an obvious reason for pursuing work as a locum tenens. Perhaps you have a touch of wanderlust, a need for extra income or need a route to gaining skills. But what makes you feel satisfied at work? List the key elements of an ideal posting.

  • What attributes of the patient base are most appealing? For example, if you want to find meaning in your work, a smaller base might be a good bet for more personal connection.
  • What do you need from your community? Think about size, cultural factors and the ease of building a support system.
  • How long do want to stay in a locum tenens job? Postings can be as short as two weeks or as long as a year.
  • What appeals to you in terms of geographics? This could be something vague such as a balmy climate or specific, like your old hometown.

A closer look

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You will greatly improve your ability to choose wisely if you take some time to get the lay of the land in a general sense. Glass Door is a great resource to look at a sampling of locums work to help you in understanding the general range of salaries and commitment levels. Another bonus of the site is the compilation of employer reviews. Look out for commonalities in different sorts of workplaces. For example, are smaller medical facilities on the whole more relaxed or more hectic? Review your answers to the questions above and match desires to the tenor of your prospects. Remember that your locum tenens company will narrow the field and negotiate the best salary – your goal in research is a broad-spectrum idea that will inform your later choice.

Radical choice

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Theorist Zhenming Zhai explains the concept of a deeper sort of discernment in his book, The Radical Choice and Moral Theory. The writing itself is dense with philosophy and not exactly a light read so some translation to simpler terms is helpful. Essentially, the best choice, the right choice, is made in a completely holistic sense. Look over the personal and professional information you’ve garnered and balance that hard data with your unique and genuine self. Consider not just the paycheck and the movie complex but your deepest values and sense of meaning. Locum tenens jobs offer a wide variety of opportunities to answer the call of your higher nature. Try something new and even challenge yourself – after all, you’re in charge of the future.

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The best locums tenens company will be able to match you to opportunities that suit your requirements, probable optimal performance and even the nuances of your personality. When you’re in good hands, you’ll be able to stand back and peruse your agency’s selection of potential placements. If you’re ready to gear up for 2023, MASC Medical is here for you. Get in touch today to make the right choice as you resolve to have a productive and fulfilling new year as a locum tenens.


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