Three Reasons You Should Use a Medical Recruiter

by Allegra Hamilton | Dec 01, 2022 | HealthcareStaffing, #Physicians, healthcarerecruiting, physicianjobs, Physicianrecruiter
Three Reasons You Should Use a Medical Recruiter

Why is a medical recruiter more beneficial for healthcare companies? Even with the advent of hiring platforms, the do-it-yourself approach to medical staffing is a complicated business. You’ll face a long and time-consuming checklist as you create your posting or draw candidates to your site. Worse, you’ll still need to invest time and effort into vetting the candidates – with no guarantee that a prospective employee will accept an offer. A 2018 study by non-profit research firm, Talent Board, revealed that up to 41% of job seekers who had a sub-par experience soon looked elsewhere for employment. If you want to avoid all of these pitfalls, consider using a medical recruitment firm. Here are the top three benefits of using medical recruitment companies:

You’ll Choose from Better Healthcare Candidates

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Healthcare worker shortages have led to a degree of compromise for hospitals, care facilities and private practices. Lower quality candidates are becoming contenders in areas for which they are not entirely qualified or lack experience. Physician recruiters cut through this muddle of under-performers by seeking only the best healthcare professionals. Medical recruiters also maintain databases of those candidates to better fill specific needs and find the right match.

A Medical Recruiter Will Save You Time

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According to a survey by human resource company Glass Door, companies hiring just one science professional took an average of almost 45 days. That’s 360 hours of effort on the part of an employee whose time could be valuable in other areas. By far, the most time is spent during the initial interview process as employers narrow the field for second interviews. More time and money are allotted for background checks, reference contact and administrative work. A physician recruiter does all of this legwork for employers, offering your choice of the most qualified candidates.

Medical Recruitment Firms are Cost Effective

While at first glance, online job sites’ dollars per click approach may seem favorable, costs add up. You’ll be paying up to $5 every time someone reads a full job description. Between tire kickers and repeat clicks as candidates revisit the posting, the tab generated by indirect and unfruitful attentions can exceed $10,000 a year per job, all while you do the grunt work. A medical recruitment firm, on the other hand, doesn’t increase costs if you want to look at many candidates. A Medical recruiter uses transparent pricing, commensurate with the position being filled, rather than levying steep costs to fill basic positions.

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At MASC Medical, we’re at the ready to fill even high-demand medical positions. Our team focuses on your particular company culture and skill requirements. Our long-time relationships with current medical professionals and our ability to attract new and talented medical staff have led us to our position as a nationally recognized healthcare recruitment firm. Whether you’re looking for a locum tenens or a long-term hire, a Nurse Practitioner or a physician specialist, get in touch today to learn more about how we can help.



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