Positives of Healthcare Industry Positions

by MASC Medical | Oct 03, 2014 |
Positives of Healthcare Industry Positions

The healthcare industry is, and will continue to be the largest growing segment of our economy. One of the primary reasons for the continued growth is the aging of our population. As the mass of baby boomers continues to grow, so do the ailments and afflictions associated with getting older. People are becoming more health conscious every year and are making efforts to improve their health. More of us strive to maintain a healthy life style, so we can reap the benefits of our longer life spans through healthcare industry professionals and services.

Job Growth in the Healthcare Industry

The healthcare industry has over 13 million jobs, which means that as a healthcare industry professional you will enjoy more options – and much better job security and stability. You likely will not be downsized, thanks to advances in medicine and the country’s aging population, both of which are continually increasing demand for healthcare industry professionals across the board. Wages in the healthcare industry are expected to grow at a faster rate than those in other industries. Obviously, those with higher skill levels and advanced training and education are the biggest benefactors.

Touch Lives – Make an Impact

You could help bring a new life into the world, or save a life from ending. Not only will you impact individuals, you could also make an impact on entire communities, providing healthcare in a variety of forms or treating diseases of all sorts. Employees within the medical industry feel a sense of usefulness and gain satisfaction from helping other people.

Jobs Available for All Education and Experience Levels

Whether you have a GED or a PhD, there is an exciting medical industry career available to you. Besides doctors and nurses, the medical field encompasses a virtually infinite number of job and career opportunities. These can range from radiology and laboratory technical assistants to medical billing specialists, drug and medical supply sales consultants, health care administrators, pharmacists, physical therapists, chiropractors and more. In particular, hospitals are always on the lookout for qualified staff to work in support departments, or as assistants in housekeeping and as nursing aides. There are a number of similar job openings in nursing homes, or as home care providers for the sick and elderly. A full 25% of hospital workers have only just finished high school or have not yet graduated, while other service levels require much more education or qualifications.

Competitive Earning Potential

Due to the high demand for workers in the medical industry, careers in healthcare are some of the most lucrative options available. The more highly skilled you are, the higher your pay will be. It is a rare occurrence to be laid-off or terminated from any position within the medical services profession.

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