Considerations When Switching Jobs as a Physician

by Allegra Hamilton | Dec 06, 2022 |
Considerations When Switching Jobs as a Physician

When it comes to switching jobs as a physician, each potential position requires research and consideration of more factors than you may think. The right answer lies in the details that ultimately define the quality of your life as a whole. According to the journal of Psychological Research, “any change in a person’s life… can be frightening, trigger anxiety or any other menaces to psychological well-being.” You can rest easy if you ask yourself the same key questions that a physician recruiter uses to help you determine everything from the financial bottom line to the health of your family.

First, consider the…

Interpersonal Landscape

Where you work and the people who surround you are equally, if not more important, than the employment you choose. Delving deeper makes for staying power. Here are some questions to ask as you determine which opportunity to pursue:


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How large or how small is the town?

Think about where you’ve historically felt more comfortable and what changes you may face in a different setting. For instance, a rural placement with a smaller patient base may lead to more meaningful work. The Journal of Employment Counseling has discovered that meaning and a positive professional identity have long been shown as high predictors in avoiding burnout.

 What are the demographics?

Think about friendships and other social factors both for yourself and your family. Chances are you want to avoid traditional retirement hubs if you’re looking for peers for your children. If you value diversity, your future town should reflect that within the population.

 If you have children, are there quality schools and extracurricular activities?

Take some time to talk to school administrators and do some due diligence in terms of school ratings. If the school system is an under-performer but everything else is ideal, investigate ways to supplement education either at home or with the help of a professional.

What sorts of attractions does the town offer?

Large or small, every location has the potential for entertainment and opportunities to widen your horizons. –Best to get a sense of what’s available. Is there a good community theater, a museum or perhaps a soccer league? Could you start a successful Meet-Up? Whatever you enjoy, take a look at ways to satisfy your outside interests.

Are you well situated?

Perhaps you’ve always hoped to have a mountain view and be far from the hustle and bustle of big city life. But if you love to travel, how close is the airport?


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How big or how small is the healthcare group?

Some physicians prefer to have the range of resources available at larger hospitals. Others prioritize more in-depth relationships with the people they serve. If the medical practice is small, would you be frustrated by a lack of resources available to patients? If the healthcare business is large, you may want to consider the potential for patient load stress.

Does the protocol balance burden and support?

Find out who is responsible for administrative tasks and other non-medical services. Ask what an average amount of your time will be spent on these matters and how other physicians at the workplace might rate the quality of support.

What defines the company culture?

If possible, have some fact-finding conversations with your potential colleagues. Try to get a sense of how reliable they are and how accountability works. Think about what sort of culture suits you best and investigate the tone of the workplace – think about inclusivity versus competition.  

Also delve into…

The Financial Outlook

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There’s more to compensation than a number. Every physician placement comes with unique ancillary costs. Always make an accounting that takes absolutely everything into consideration.

Where will this job take you?

Unless you’re at the end of your medical career, the future is of key importance. You’ll need to know where you’ll likely be in five or ten years. If moving up is in the cards, make sure there’s a place to go and a realistic path to get there. If you’re looking to specialize in a new area, you’ll need to know if the position can offer further education and the leeway for that sort of lateral movement.

How does it add up?

Begin with the offer. Factor in attendant benefits and incentives and how they stack up to save you on expenditures. For instance, student loan repayment is big in rural communities. If you’re headed to a new location, what will you incur in moving expenses and does the change increase or decrease insurance costs?

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Are you a physician in the market for a new job? The best physician recruiter knows that there’s more to the switch than a new title. Healthcare Staffing Agencies are well versed in taking your wellbeing and bottom line into consideration. Get in touch today to start the search – and the research that will answer all of your questions.



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