Networking Amongst Clinicians

by Patricia O. Urquiaga | Oct 07, 2019 | healthcareproviders, Clinicians, networking, networkingamongstclinicians, networkingamongsthealthcareproviders, networkingbenefits, networkingefficiently, placestonetwork
Networking Amongst Clinicians

Networking amongst clinicians isn’t as easy as it seems. However, it is a powerful tool clinicians can leverage to find new opportunities or advance their professional careers.

What is Networking and How should it be Approached?

According to, networking involves developing and maintaining connections with individuals, then mutually benefitting from this developed relationship. In other words, your network becomes your “support system” which includes individuals who provide guidance as it relates to your career, industry, job openings etc. Networking should be an ongoing process as it takes time to nurture and foster those relationships. Remember, networking is a two-way process which also involves you providing support to those in your network.

Benefits of Networking Amongst Clinicians:

Clinicians are some of the busiest people around. And, with such limited time it’s easy to get caught up in the “daily routine” which doesn’t involve networking. Here are 3 benefits of networking among clinicians:

1. Expand Your Perspective – The healthcare industry is constantly evolving. Being able to network among other clinicians can give you a larger perspective on the healthcare industry. This includes staying abreast of the latest news and trends, technology, research, challenges (recruiting, cybersecurity, EHR systems), best practices etc.

2. New Opportunities – No matter where you are on your healthcare career, networking can allow you to find and explore new opportunities. Additionally, interacting with other clinicians can also allow you to analyze and further define your career goals (where you are, where you want to be etc.), determine a successful plan of action, and establish new connections – which can serve as mentors or partners.

3. Career Advancement – With physician burnout on the rise, it’s time for clinicians to leverage their professional networks to find career satisfaction. Networking is a good way to get your foot in the door for leadership or executive level roles which aren’t highly publicized but are a focus for many healthcare systems pushing for team effort to achieve goals.

Tips to Network Efficiently:

Learning to network efficiently among clinicians is important but doesn’t always come naturally. Here are some tips to improve your networking skills:

1. Identify what areas you need guidance in as well as areas that you can provide support in.

2. Prepare/practice your “30 second elevator speech”. Your speech should include who you are, your goals, and why you’re networking.

3. Browse through your contacts and create a list of connections that might be worth nurturing. Reach out and schedule a quick call or in-person meeting.

4. Create a list of conferences, symposiums, and events that might be worth investing in to attend, learn and network. Remember when you meet a new contact, exchange business cards and follow-up via email or phone.

5. Partner with a physician recruiter like MASC Medical to stay on top of new job opportunities.

Where to Network:

Now that we’ve discussed what networking is, how should it be approached, its benefits, and tips to networking efficiently – lets identify places (outside of your organization) where you can go to network. Here are the top 3:

Online – When networking online consider professional sites, forums or online discussions built for clinicians vs. social media. LinkedIn is an exception as it’s a networking site for professionals.

Healthcare Events – As a clinician you can attend events held by some of the top healthcare associations. Here you’ll have the opportunity to network and meet clinicians in various positions across the U.S.

Conferences and Symposiums – Conferences and symposiums bring together clinicians from all levels. At these events, not only can you network, but you can also attend a variety of talks and workshops to learn about the latest trends, best practices etc.

At MASC Medical, we understand the value of networking and how it can help clinicians advance their careers, foster new relationships, find new job opportunities etc. Connect with a physician recruiter to see how MASC Medical can help you!

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