How to Get the Most Out of Working with a Physician Recruiter

by Allegra Hamilton | Dec 29, 2022 |
How to Get the Most Out of Working with a Physician Recruiter

Working with a physician recruiter? You’ve made a great choice. Internal hiring requires a big budget as you tackle the heavy work of attracting candidates, interviewing and vetting. Fortunately, healthcare staffing agencies are resource experts at the ready to fill open positions, whether permanent hires or locums tenens.  According to a study cited by North Dakota’s Rural Health Information Hub, hospitals and health clinics have the most success by doing some legwork before the formal recruitment process. An emphasis on medical staff as individuals will help with retaining healthcare workers and lessen the need for locums tenens on an emergency basis.

So, if you’re getting ready to work with a physician recruiter, how can you get a running start?

Assess the Community

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In years past, the most common impetus to hiring medical recruitment companies was to fill the impending vacancy of an established practitioner. The current and increasing physician shortage, coupled with the aging Baby Boomers generation, has presented new challenges for healthcare facilities as they struggle to keep up with patient demand and locate qualified candidates. No doubt, the needs of your community are changing and changing at an increasing rate. Spend some time reassessing the need for medical staff to get a realistic idea of what medical providers, such as physicians, physician assistants, and nurse practitioners you will need to serve your patient base.

Engage the Community

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To get a more thorough idea of how best to serve the community, think about ways to connect with individuals and civic groups. This will help you with a deeper understanding of expectations and the sense among the community that you are interested in what they deem as most important to medical care. Work with that information and the people as you gauge your requirements. For instance, a faction of the local population may insist on seeing a traditional general practitioner. Some outreach efforts and education will help them feel more confident in the value of using a nurse practitioner or PA when physicians are in high demand.

Define Incentives

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Whether or not a candidate signs on is often a matter of weighing the pros and cons of the offered position. While the logical conclusion seems to be generous compensation, not every budget can stretch quite that far. Offset hefty salary requirements with incentives that chip away at salary rates. Nail down what benefits you’ll offer. If the budget can’t sustain the more expensive insurance policies, think about other kinds of benefits that may tempt candidates. For instance, there are many free or low-cost incentives that will appeal to your prospects. And international healthcare practitioners can be acquired if you offer a visa that enables them to work for a period of time in the US (and even a route to a green card). Look into programs that offer student loan repayment – these are especially comprehensive in rural areas and in other locations routinely struggling with shortages. Check into all relevant resources.

Outline Attractions

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Healthcare staffing agencies can ensure retention levels after the hire if they can match individuals with the environments in which they most want to live and work. Make a list of activities and cultural assets available in your town or city that might align with a candidate’s interests. Compile information on local schools, both public and private that may attract families. Assess accurate cost of living data that may bolster practitioner savings. Generate a description of the community as a whole including demographics, civic participation and other unique features. In other words, offer information to your physician recruiter that will help them sell the whole picture, not just the job.

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Medical recruitment companies are an invaluable tool as shortages increase and medical facilities and practices grow. MASC Medical Recruitment Firm is respected nationwide for innovative job placement solutions. We maintain a wide network of qualified candidates for both long-term and locums tenens postings and use a personalized approach to ensure successful connections all around. Get in touch today and let us help you lay the groundwork for finding the right medical professionals.




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