Dentist Staffing

MASC Medical Recruitment Firm is eager to establish and engage in a fruitful and longstanding business relationships with dental companies. We will consider working with a practice based upon the needs of that specific organization and what the employer is looking for. MASC’s dentist recruiters realize that the work of a dental recruiter is a full-time job that needs to be done with precision and care. From the interview process of the potential dentist all the way through their first day on the job, MASC Medical’s dentist recruiters will be there to assist the practice in anything they need.

When we decide to work with a client, MASC Medical Recruitment Firm will assign one dental recruiter to handle the whole process from start to finish. The reason we decide to use this approach is to steer clear of any miscommunication. MASC’s dentist recruiters choose to handle each client this way so that client has a personal point of contact within MASC Medical that can be reached via e-mail or phone. This personal contact will be able to help the organization by understanding every single aspect of what type of dental professional needs they are looking for.

Once MASC Medical Recruitment Firm gains an understanding of what type of dentist is needed, MASC and the organization will go over all effective recruitment strategies and together will choose the most appropriate course of action. Our proven strategies will help the practice find its desired dentist. From the beginning of the relationship through the dentist’s first day of work, MASC Medical Recruitment Firm is there to assist the practice in every way possible to find that dentist to make the organization complete.

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