6 Trends to Overcome Recruiting Challenges in 2019

by Patricia O. Urquiaga | Jun 29, 2019 | HR, jobs, recruiting, recruitingchallenges, talentacquisition, trends
6 Trends to Overcome Recruiting Challenges in 2019

Recruiting has become “tough” for internal recruiters and companies seeking world-class talent. With more than 7 million jobs in America needing to be filled, talent acquisition professionals are rethinking traditional “recruiting” strategies to include social media, text, and other creative methods to reach, engage, and evaluate candidates.

Here are six trends to help recruiters and companies overcome recruiting challenges:

1. “Sharpen” your Marketing Skills:

Many companies are now investing in “recruitment marketing” to effectively promote their culture, and values to attract top talent. In this digital era, companies must remember that candidates are influenced via all marketing stages (SEO, landing pages, digital and content marketing, social media etc.) In fact, social media and career sites are two ways to grow employer brand/reputation. Therefore, if you’re seeking top talent make sure to integrate digital and social media to your strategy.

2. Grow and Tend to your Company Reputation:

Candidates are known for browsing and seeking employer reviews to see what “life” is like inside companies. Because of this, employers should follow their own company’s profile in employer review sites like Glassdoor.  Developing a plan to respond to internal/external reviews is also key – and, don’t forget to encourage people to give reviews (without being forceful).

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3. Use Data to Hire Strategically:

When looking to recruit top talent consider analyzing data or using machine learning models to evaluate skills, professional experiences, education, job and company preferences etc. from candidates. This will allow recruiters and employers to identify a smaller, but “right” pool of talent that best fits  their organization – potentially improving engagement and retention in the future.

4. Texting:

Texting is one way to reach talent quickly. Recruiters must keep in mind that some talent might still be working while looking for new opportunities. Therefore, asking them about their communication preferences (text, phone, email) is key. This can help improve communication, and the overall candidate experience.

5. Be Flexible:

In a “candidate-driven market”, which gives candidates more options and offers to choose from, recruiters and employers need to be more flexible when it comes to job requirements. Recruiters and employers should consider hiring someone who can grow into the job vs. trying to find the perfect candidate. In fact, recruiters are now considering things like: non-traditional educational backgrounds, and experience. While employers are investing in training programs to mold the employee to have the skill sets needed to successfully do the job.

6. Invest in Diversity and Inclusion plus “Belonging”:

One of the things that top talent looks for in companies are how diverse they are, if employees are “connected” to the organization, and how “safe” the workplace really is. Research has shown that providing these things make employees feel at home (emotionally and culturally), resulting in better performing teams. Additionally, it means that if candidates are recruited by these companies, they are most likely to stay, be engaged, and creative at work – so make sure your company has a strategy on diversity and inclusion plus belonging.

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