5 Questions To Ask Your Healthcare Recruiter

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5 Questions To Ask Your Healthcare Recruiter

Looking to partner with a healthcare recruiter?

Whether you’ve found or are still looking for a healthcare recruiter, there are benefits to partnering with one.

As you may recall from previous blogs, healthcare recruiters can alleviate you from the staffing challenges and gaps faced in today’s healthcare industry.

Other benefits include:

  • Healthcare industry knowledge
  • Extensive healthcare professional network
  • Healthcare staffing and recruiting expertise
  • Efficient process
  • In-depth candidate screenings
  • Fast and reliable staffing placements

The overall goal of partnering with a healthcare recruiter is to have a “win-win” relationship.

So how do you screen your healthcare recruiter to make sure they are the “right” fit?

Two ways to do this is by confirming they offer the services you need as well as scheduling a meeting (in-person or via phone) to get to know them better. You can do this by preparing key questions to ask your healthcare recruiter.

Here are 5 questions to ask your healthcare recruiter:

1. Is your company nationwide?

2. Do you provide temporary or permanent placements?

3. Are you knowledgeable in all areas of practice?

4. How long does it take to fill open positions?

5. Do you meet with clients in-person to understand their needs?

For a complete list of questions, take a look at our 15 FAQs healthcare organizations should ask healthcare recruiters

Looking for other benefits to partnering with a healthcare recruiter? Check out our free online resource physician recruiter 101.


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