4 Methods to Find a Great Physician Recruiter

by Patricia O. Urquiaga | Mar 27, 2020 | HealthcareStaffing, employeereferrals, healthcareassociations, healthcarerecruiting, medicalrecruiting, medicalstaffing, physicianjob, physicianjobs, physicianjobsearch, Physicianrecruiter, physicianrecruiters, physicianrecruiting, physicianrecruitment, physicianstaffingneeds, provider, recruiter, recruitment, socialmedia
4 Methods to Find a Great Physician Recruiter

According to Glassdoor’s HR and recruiting stats for 2020, 76% of hiring managers admit attracting top talent is their greatest challenge.

Enrolling the services of a physician recruiter can streamline your physician job search (as a candidate) and help overcome your physician staffing needs (as a healthcare organization).

The key is to find a great physician recruiter who prioritizes you or your organization, has experience and connections to help achieve your goals and needs.

So how can you find a great physician recruiter?

Here are 4 methods to find a great physician recruiter:

1. Healthcare Professional Associations and Coalitions –

Check healthcare professional associations and coalitions such as the NAPRNALTOAAPPR and NCHCR. These associations and coalitions provide industry-leading information and some even have online member directories whom may include physician recruiters and/or physician staffing firms, which you can then reach out to directly. Another way to connect with these recruiters is to see if they’ll be attending any upcoming events held by the association and/or coalition and schedule an in-person meeting.

2. LinkedIn –

LinkedIn is a social network that focuses on professional networking and career development. Search the term “physician recruiter” to identify and connect with physician recruiters and physician recruiting firms. You can also leverage the “similar job titles” and location filter to narrow down your search.

3. Referrals –

Leverage your physician contacts. Many times, they either work or have worked with a physician recruiter or physician staffing firm. Ask them to connect/introduce you. One thing to keep in mind is that most physician staffing firms have a “referral program”. So, if your contact does the introduction it might be a monetary “win-win” for the both of you.

4. Google –

Who doesn’t use Google nowadays? Conduct a search using key terms such as “top physician recruiters”, “physician recruiters”, “top healthcare recruiting firms”, “top physician recruiting firms”, “physician search firm” and “physician staffing services” to gain a list of websites to look into. For a more targeted list, add the state where you are located such as “top physician recruiters in South Florida”.

Finding a great physician recruiter is not going to happen overnight. It requires time and effort on from your end.

But once you find the “right” physician recruiter, rest assure that their proven strategies will efficiently streamline your physician job search and/or physician staffing needs.

Ready to find a great physician recruiter? View the physician recruiter 101 online resource to view other tools that can help you in your physician recruiter search.


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