2015 Healthcare Staffing Trends

by MASC Medical | Jan 07, 2015 |
2015 Healthcare Staffing Trends


Since the Affordable Care Act took effect, the healthcare industry has been in a state of an upward transition. The task of many healthcare hiring managers includes staying abreast of the 2015 healthcare staffing trends, changing medical regulations and increased demand for medical staff. 

If you are currently seeking an opportunity to work in the healthcare industry, it’s imperative that you familiarize yourself with the 2015 healthcare staffing trends. MASC Medical, a full-service healthcare staffing firm has summarized this year’s trends to prepare you for what you should expect.

The Competition for Primary Healthcare Workers

Competition is inevitable in any scope of work, however in the healthcare industry it seems more prevalent. According to findings from the American College of Healthcare Executives, 63% of healthcare CEOs felt concerned about primary healthcare workers not having the right skills. This feeling has resulted in a shortage of primary care physicians. As a potential candidate geared toward either fulfilling a primary care or nurse practitioner position, keep in mind that the competition will be steep so ensure that you consist of skills or experiences that make you unique.

Increased Attention on Onboarding and Employee Retention

According to reports from 2014, voluntary turnover rates were approximately 12.5%. This has resulted in overworked and understaffed health facilities. Even though this rate is expected to increase this year, many facilities are willing to keep valuable workers by implementing proactive onboarding and employee retention programs. These programs will offer adequate training; while encouraging work-life balance and soliciting feedback to define a worker’s needs. Facilities, like these, are perfect places for you to show how you can contribute to their success and how they can contribute to yours.

Demand for Healthcare Information Technology

Technology is always changing and advancing, hence a growing demand for Information Technology (IT) professionals with healthcare experience. In this career, one can expect to provide data to healthcare exchanges and streamlining and automating administrative processes to free up time and resources.

Increased Temporary Hiring

Temporary hiring is on the rise with budget restrictions in combination with cyclic arrivals of patients. It is expected that hiring managers will turn to this tactic due to it being a flexible and cost-saving option. However, there is a chance that a temporary hire could result in a permanent position. Temporary hiring is considered a low risk way of assessing a candidate’s performance and cultural fit before receiving a permanent job offer. Whatever the situation, ensure to always do your best and show your potential employer that hiring you permanently will be the right choice.

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