20 Healthcare Instagram Accounts You Should Follow

by Patricia O. Urquiaga | Jan 13, 2020 | doctors, Healthcare, healthcarebloggers, healthcareblogs, healthcareexperts, healthcareorganizations, healthcareprovider, instagram, medicalbloggers, medicalblogs, medicine, physician
20 Healthcare Instagram Accounts You Should Follow

Social media is a great platform to stay on top of healthcare news and trends.

By following healthcare experts, healthcare providers and organizations can get inspired, get advice, and even learn from some of the industry’s best practices.

So what healthcare instagram accounts should you follow?

Here are 20 healthcare instagram accounts both healthcare providers and organizations should consider following:

1. Dr. Mike Varshavski – Board certified family medicine doctor and top professional in his field. Dr. Varshavski posts wellness trends, healthcare tips, videos about his work, answers healthcare questions, shares thoughts about certain products and more!

2. Dr. Michael Apa – Known as a “dental rockstart”, Dr. Apa is a dentist whom shares patient before and after photos, short videos about his work among other topics.

3. Myron Rolle – Former NFL star now dedicated to neurosurgery. Dr. Rolle posts publications with fellow doctors, community initiatives, and more.

4. Katie Duke – Nurse practitioner, speaker, influencer, and creator of the Duke It Up empowerment event. She posts industry podcasts and other helpful information for her followers.

5. NCCIH Research – Focused on holistic research, NCCIH shares information about stats and data, treatments, upcoming events and more.

6. Seattle Children’s – Focused on children’s health, Seattle Children’s touches upon subjects such as food recalls, the importance of staying active, clinical trials and more.

7. Physicians Committee – Created by Dr. Neal Barnard, a physician specializing in nutrition and preventative medicine. His account focuses on food and how it plays a role in preventative diseases. He also shares infographics, tips on pursuing a vegetarian/vegan lifestyle and much more.

8. Dr. Bertalan Mesko – Known as “The Medical Futurist”, Dr. Mesko gives you information about the latest surgical technologies and health gadgets – he even shares his blog and gives critical feedback on gadgets.

9. Everyday Health – With a mission to inspire people to live a healthy life, everyday health delivers health and medical data from top healthcare providers, patients, clinical care centers and more. You can also find directories, interactive gear, queries, videos and other items that can help you make better health choices.

10. Seattle Mama Doc – Seattle based pediatrician, mom, author and innovator. Dr. Wendy Sue Swanson utilizes her account to stay close with patients by sharing data from health studies, prevention tips, information on food allergies, live Q&As, videos and more.

11. Kevin Pho – Known as a “Leading Physician Voice”, founder and editor, Dr. Pho shares reports on physician suicide, electronic health records, social media tips for physicians and more!

12. Amanda Bisk – Healthcare influencer, Amanda shares health information as well as sets of home and yoga exercises to stay active.

13. World Health Organization – WHO, a united nations health agency presents useful information such as stats, infographics, missionary posts, tips to live a healthy lifestyle and more.

14. American Heart Association – AHA shares tips on eating healthy and becoming physically active – two main principles when it comes to cardiac health. A great page with a magnitude of information about your heart and its health.

15. USMLE Instagram Community – The USMLE provides information such as notes, infographics, facts and more to prepare for the USMLE step 1 and 2 test.

16. The American Cancer Society – With a mission to free the world from cancer, the ACS shares research information, preventative tips, patient stories, ways to get involved and more.

17. Dr. Katy Hanson – Talented medical student whom publishes her own original drawings and materials under study. Her information is used by both medical students and practitioners everywhere!

18. Cincinnati Children’s Radiology – Leader in diagnostic imaging, radiology education, and radiation dose reduction. Within their posts you can find x-ray data, high quality content and lucid explanations.

19. Michelle Henry – Dermatology surgeon, Dr. Henry shares skincare tips, the latest innovation within dermatology, accidental insights and more!

20. Jessica Sepel – Clinical nutrition expert and UN-diet method follower. In her page, you’ll find nutrition advice, 200+ recipes, meal plans and more.

And lastly, don’t forget to follow MASC Medical for the latest healthcare news/trends, resources and more! 

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